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Will I get sea sick?

Seasickness is uncommon unless the conditions are unusually rough. If you are susceptible to seasickness, prevention is better that cure, so make sure you take tablets before you get on board. Unfortunately we cannot supply tablets but they are available in most supermarkets and chemists.

What happens if there is no wind?

It is unusual to be on the water for a whole day without wind. If there are points in the day where the breeze is too light to sail properly, there are a number of other fun, team building activities that the skippers and mates encourage the crew to get involved with. Everything from climbing the masts, to racing sail hoists and solent treasure hunts.

What happens if the weather is really bad?

We haven’t cancelled a sailing day yet! The yachts are built to sail around the world and easily handle windy conditions under the professional guidance of our skippers. Some of our best days have been in gale force winds where teamwork has been imperative to sail the boat.

How fit do I need to be to sail?

You will need to be moderately agile to get around the boat when it is sailing. Strength is not so important as you will be working as a team to hoist and trim sails. If you do have any restrictions in your mobility, then please let us know in advance.

Do I need any previous sailing experience?

No, our professional skippers and mates are experienced in training people of all abilities. We usually have people with a mix of sailing experience attending our corporate days from complete novices to keen sailors.

Do I have to get actively involved with the sailing?

The more you put into your sailing day the more you get out and we encourage everyone to have a go. However if you are happier to sit back and relax, there is always plenty of action to watch both on and off the boat.

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