Team Building

Sailing on the yachts that competed in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is an effective way of developing relationships in business as well as providing an exhilarating and memorable day out of the office.

The winning yacht is always crewed by the team that works effectively together. In the same way, in business the most successful corporations are those in which the team works together seamlessly with a clear focus.

With our 68 and 70 foot yachts we can offer a unique platform for our clients and their guests to experience the thrill of big boat sailing. Taught by professional sailors, our guests, many of which have never sailed before, soon learn to work together and become a cohesive sailing team. The yachts create a huge visual impact on the water, providing a perfect branding platform and creating a lasting impression on clients or employees on board.

Clipper Events' sailing days and regattas in the UK are designed to promote teamwork, team bonding and team performance, all of which are vital for business development.

Discover the excitement of yacht racing when you charter two or more of our identical yachts. The morning training session will focus on coaching from our professional skipper and crew who demonstrate the equipment on board, deliver a safety briefing and teach the basic principles of sailing, all the while encouraging guests to get hands on and sail the boat themselves.

After the morning training the team should be forming well, with each member becoming comfortable with the tasks needed to keep the yacht sailing. Each team member will learn how their actions will help the rest of the team, and should be working together to hone their skills ensuring the boat performs as well as possible. The crew will serve a delicious racing lunch on board, maximising the time on the water and discussing the morning's experiences and afternoon objectives with the team.

In the afternoon teams put their new found sailing knowledge to the test in a practical exercise – a series of races around a set course. Guests rise to the challenge of building a winning team, working closely together in pursuit of a common goal.

Your team does not need to have any previous sailing experience as they will be taught by our professional skippers and mates who are experienced in training people of all abilities. We frequently have people with a mix of sailing knowledge attending our events from novice to keen sailors. We can also personalise your event for you, organising everything beyond your day’s sailing to include branded team clothing, unique venue hire, gourmet catering and much more.

We look forward to working with you to tailor your team building event to your own specific needs. Clipper Events offers a unique opportunity for your team to learn about themselves in a very different environment. For more info view our suggested itinerary and frequently asked questions.

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