RSHYR 2016 | Meet Crew Member Simon Scott

RSHYR 2016 | Meet Crew Member Simon Scott

With just four weeks to go until the crew of Clipper Ventures 5 meet and prepare for the RSHYR we take some time out to meet a few of the crew.

Simon, or Scotty as he’s known, was born in the UK but has spent the last 12 years living in Sydney. We’re sure he’ll be a valuable crew member and not just because he’s used to being sleep deprived after taking a career break to look after his 10 month old son. Perfect training!

What inspired you to take part in the Rolex Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race?

I didn’t receive a call requiring me at the MCG on Boxing Day so I had to look towards Sydney. The Hobart is a key part of summer and after a year of looking after someone else I wanted to do something for and to challenge myself.

Why did you decide to participate with Clipper Events?

I’ve only been racing semi-regularly in recent times and the club where I race has a major race going North in early January so there isn’t much chance of finding a crew to go South. I didn’t want a pay-for-a-seat experience joining an existing crew and sitting as rail-meat and really like the fact we are all coming together with the same goal in mind. I think that will help us in all working together.

I originally applied for the Clipper 2000-01 Race but for various reasons didn’t do it. I’ve been following the races since and it’s evident that there is great support and professionalism behind the scenes which was important to me in running a campaign like this as there is so much to take care of on the logistical side.

What does participating in this famous regatta mean to you?

I completed the 2009 race which, although I will talk it up in the bar, was quite benign (the delivery back was a different story). Long enough has passed that I remember it all with rose coloured glasses so want to give it another go and get myself out of my comfort zone again. The feeling of satisfaction and confidence in my sailing ability after completing it was immense so I look forward to feeling that again. Being a little older and wiser I also hope to absorb more of this fantastic experience rather than being a deer in the headlights on the start line.

What are you most looking forward too?

It’s a close call between seeing my little boy at the finish line or the first jug of Dark ‘n’ Stormy’s at Customs House! Also crossing the Bass Strait with the boat and everyone in one piece and for completing the challenge.

I am very much looking forward to the fact that there are two heads on board, on my last trip south ours was broken before Wollongong. It made for a long three days although not quite as bad as a delivery back from Hamilton Island where we only had one 12-track Jimmy Buffett CD for company.

What do you think will be the most challenging?

I’m really interested to learn how we make the big girl get good boat speed. There is a lot of sail area so harnessing that power will be a great challenge. I’m normally on much smaller boats, every time I’ve been on something over 40 foot it’s been relatively calm so I really want to see how these things sail. Another challenge will be keeping myself sane if we are becalmed up the Derwent with the finish so close.

What are you hoping to achieve from your campaign?

To overcome the mental and physical challenges and to feel comfortable crewing big boats.

Any other information you want the crew to know about you?

No, I need to keep some surprises…..

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