Corporate Hospitality

The Clipper Event's fleet of stripped down racing yachts offers the perfect platform for a unique, exciting and memorable big boat sailing experience for you and your guests. Creative and professional, we will work with you to create an event that fits your business needs, allowing you to get closer to your clients.

Clipper Events offers corporate hospitality at established and famous sailing events, such as the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week and J.P Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race both these events create the perfect occasion for high-end networking and corporate entertainment for your clients.

Choose from participating in the event or taking a more laid back approach, watching famous names in the sailing world battle it out whilst you and your guests enjoy a relaxed day watching the racing and soaking up the atmosphere.

Sail with world famous yachtsmen and women, dine at yacht clubs or historic venues, or combine an action packed day on the water with a visit to one of the Solent’s stunning sailing venues.

For further information please see our suggested itinerary and frequently asked questions. Contact us to choose from one of our popular sailing packages, take part in an iconic race, or create your own bespoke sailing event.

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