A Not-So Average Day on a Racing Yacht

A Not-So Average Day on a Racing Yacht

As sailors, it is easy for us here at Clipper Ventures take for granted the exhilarating, rewarding experience to be gained from your first time on one of our Ocean Racing Yachts. But we can assure you that you are in for a day like no other!

Firstly, we are very different from the yachts you’ve seen in glossy magazines and music videos. There will be no lounging on deck and drinking champagne while dedicated deck hands cater to your every need. Here the only bubbles will be in the fizzy soft drinks, and rather than be relegated to simply watching the action, you will be stuck in and fully involved in exactly what it takes to keep our yachts racing.

From the moment you join us for a hearty full cooked breakfast overlooking the harbour, until we deposit you back ashore at the end of the day, you’ll be immersed in the role of a crew member on large ocean racing yacht. Don’t worry - we send three professionals out with you who’ll not only teach you the ropes (excuse the pun!), but who will ensure you have a fantastic time on the water.

Once you’ve had breakfast your crew will take you to your yacht where you’ll be given a full introduction to the yacht. Then you get to throw off the lines and head out into the Solent. This is where those calories will really start getting burned! You will hoist sails before turning off the engine and enjoy the peaceful side of sailing. You’ll be guided through all you need to know to learn how to perform various manoeuvres and every individual will get to practice each role on board, including helming!

We don’t expect you to be super hero sailors in the first hour; after all none of us are born good at everything and we remember what’s it’s like not to know your port from starboard and your fairlead from your cleat (keep an eye out for the next newsletter with all of the terminology explained!). Our patient professionals will repeat every evolution you learn throughout the day as many times as you require.

You’ll have lunch on the water with time to take pictures and ask any questions you might have from the morning sail. The afternoon is where things amp up a notch. If there’s more than one yacht you may have the opportunity for some healthy competition by racing in the Solent, or complete some time trials around buoys to see how efficiently your group can work as a team. Other groups may choose to have more of a leisurely sail as the afternoon winds down. The choice is yours!

Once we’ve tired you out and you’re ready for solid land and a cold refreshing drink, we’ll take you back to where it all began full of stories to regale your friends and family with. Plus, an increased bond with your fellow sailors!

Sounds great doesn’t it!?